Canada has reinstated two pilot programs aimed at granting permanent residency


The Canadian government has reintroduced two initiatives aimed at welcoming skilled caregivers and their families to Canada, offering them a pathway to become permanent residents in the country.

As per Canada's announcement, the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot are both five-year trial programs designed to facilitate eligible caregivers and their families in immigrating to Canada for permanent settlement.

The government's website highlights the opportunity for individuals who have received a job offer in Canada as a caregiver or possess prior experience in this field to apply for permanent residency through these pilot programs. Notably, the criteria for eligibility have been revised, now requiring only 12 months of experience instead of the initial 24 months for caregivers.

The application process varies based on an individual's circumstances and the amount of qualifying work experience they possess. The reduced requirement of 12 months of experience broadens the scope for applicants, allowing more individuals to apply. Those without prior full-time caregiving experience in Canada or with less than 12 months of work experience can still pursue residency under the "Gaining experience" category.

Overall, these revived initiatives present an enhanced opportunity for caregivers to secure permanent residency in Canada, streamlining the pathway for skilled professionals seeking to contribute their expertise to the country's workforce.


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