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News Diet24 is an online news and entertainment portal in and about Nigeria and world news. NewsDiet24 is aimed to bring the latest news to our audience accross the world.

News Diet24 is news that would not necessarily be main stream but that warrants the public attention, often the news headlines we run will not be found on the larger network news channels and it is this aspect of our news that sets us apart and identifies us, additionally we run our own informative and interesting articles on other areas of interest. We are News Diet24, we are different we are interesting and we collaborate with Nigerians and rest of the world for the betterment of everyone.
At all times News Diet24 and its management will endeavour to operate to the strictest of ethical business practices and abide by the laws of Nigeria.
Be recognized as a Preferred News Website by individuals across the world and also to our growing audience
Be sought after for our interesting articles.
Create sustainable business collaboration with interested parties and develop the relationship to focus on achieving preferred status amongst our readers.
Provide the absolute best news quality content on the market, it is important that our readers trust our sources.

Realise a powerful and successful humanitarian initiative through collaboration between News Diet24

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